We are Wives-Husbands-Parents-hard working people that enjoy life and adventure.

We participate in all types of races and events and go on our own to set personal bests. WorldTrailRunners was born as a community of Trail Runners who want to be the center of information for those beginning and those who already have experience in adventure sports, trail running and ultramarathons.


 Adventure Races, Trail Running and Ultramarathons stop being a sport and become a lifestyle.


We encourage more and more people to do sports and begin to leave the city streets to get out and tour national parks, hills, mountains, deserts and know the country through sports. So we want everyone to share with us their experiences, tell their stories, propose challenges and motivate more people.

Here you will find information about places that you know in Central America and the world; videos to inspire you to get out and explore; to wonder what's on the other side of each mountain top; to go places you did not know or retraining where you did long ago; to be with friends; exploring a new trail and devising new routes. Here runners know stories of people who work, have families and are encouraged by a new challenges.

As much as one sees people running, they are never alone. Someone is always at home worried and waiting for them. That is why we encourage the family and friends to get involved and participate with them in the different races, runs or challenges they do.

Here we promotes caring for the environment, respect for nature as our playground, a sacred place that should last over time so that future generations can say “we are running the same trails that our grandparents ran”. Come with us (join us) and dare to know these countries in a different way! Spend some time running on trails full of beauty. See the way of life of local communities, how they keep their language, their values and their traditions.