Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield!


Let's start with the colors ... I dig them! i find the Olive Flak / Black / String / Metallic Silver are really cool looking. it is a mix of Mossy-nature-lovers upper and orange aposematic sole that is venomously grippy.


Thanks to the water-repellent upper, the shoe has been modified for wet running conditions. So far, my feet are dry in a light rain after training, but ... I have to try them out in real rain.

A specially developed outsole for optimum traction on wet forest soils and good grip on wet road / asphalt bottoms was added to the combo. I mostly walk on gravel and woodland, but I have to walk through the city to get there. NOT a trail shoe, but for Munich's "Urban Trails" it does the job!


The shoe feels smaller in width, toebox feels little tight as older models, maybe do to the Shield material. Not uncomfortable do. It make you feel the power of the outsole's grip as you turn a corner. 

With a 10mm drop and a zoom element that goes the length of the shoe, your running comfort is fantastic.


but, it's not all candy, one thing i do not like is the new lacing system.

"The lacing system can easily be adjusted even in cold and wet conditions"

The lacing system problem I have could be, because I have a small thin heel. But for me foot form... i do not like it, i have readjust it every few minutes. It does not lock my heel in place and i want to run free of readjustments. A problem i did not have in the Pegasus 33. 


all in all!!  I recommend the shoe for this season, it looks cool, has good grip and keeps your feet dry(mostly, haven't tried it in real rain ) .


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