Olympia-Alm-Crosslauf 2018

The Barefoot race started a 10:30 Am and a mix of young and older runners covered a distance of 1200 meter with obstacles, hills and curves. Even do the temperature was low Celsius all looked like they where having fun. At the finish line the event would randomly pic participants for a short interview and the best was a young girls honesty. "i liked it but it is hard running in cold grass"

My kids took part and they enjoyed it! 

With Seven different distances, runners of all ages and strength have the chance to try out their skills a cross country (CrossLauf)  running/racing

As well as an international field of athletes where visible in each starting block. 

An event the we highly recommend if you are a new runner and would like to try out new disciplines or if you are an experiences runner and like running elbow to elbow with top athletes. 


check them out





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