Trips to Guatemala

"The standard adventure covers 55 miles in 6 days; however, the mileage can be increased or decreased to meet your needs. Shorter adventures, including one day tours, are also available"

Day 1

Saturday | Get Ready!

  • Arrive at the Guatemala City Airport.
  • Travel one hour in private shuttle to Antigua.
  • Antigua has many historic sites, shopping, and restaurants, so arrive in Guatemala earlier if possible.

Day 2

Sunday | 5 miles | Mostly Flat

  • Enjoy an easy 5 mile guided run around beautiful, historic Antigua.
  • Drive 2 hours in private shuttle to Panajachel, on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Day 3

Monday | 10 miles | Mild to Steep Hills

  • Travel to San Antonio Palopo in private shuttle.
  • Run from San Antonio Palopo to Panajachel via San Andres Semetabaj (9 miles).
  • Travel in private boat from Panajachel to Santa Cruz.
  • Run from Santa Cruz to Jaibalito along a gorgeous lakeside trail (1 mile).

Day 4

Tuesday | 16 miles | Moderate hills, 6 mile ascent

  • Continue on the lakeside trail to Tzununa and ascend 6 miles to San Jose Chacaya.
  • Run the high ground to Santa Lucia Utatlan and then descend to the lake to San Marcos Laguna.

Day 5

Wednesday | 11 miles | Moderate Hills + Difficult Ascent

  • Travel in private boat to San Juan La Laguna (or run if you want) where we will catch the trail up to Maya Face. This is a gorgeous trail ending at a peak with amazing 360 degree views. The ascent is 1.5 miles and very rigorous.
  • From the top of Maya Face, descend to the quaint village of Santa Clara and eat lunch in the town square.
  • Run to two small neighboring villages (Palestina and Panyebar) before descending back down to the lake.

Day 6

Thursday | 4 miles

  • Head up the challenging trail to the San Pedro Volcano.  At the top there are incredible views of the lake and other neighboring volcanoes.
  • This is a shorter day (4 miles) but the trail is difficult.
  • Travel in private boat to Panajachel.

Day 7

Friday | 9 miles | Mostly Moderate Hills

  • Head up the mountainside on the north-west side of Panajachel.
  • Run around the mountain to Concepcion, then descend to the village of Tierra Linda and then down to the Panajachel River.
  • Run through onion crops on a very fun and windy trail back to Panajachel.

Day 8

Saturday | Travel Day

  • Travel 3 hours in private shuttle to the Guatemala City Airport.
  • Return home :(